Welcome and thank you for your interest to know about ITInfoSys.UK

I believe it’s always good habit to know about the website and the team or a person who works for a good website.

As an admin and owner of ITInfoSys.UK, I believe, A Hard working Team or a Person Makes website a Successful Business Platform.

As a founder and an owner of ITInfoSys.UK, I feel proud because you took interest to know about me (Technically about us). That’s my success.

Who we are (Actually you are reading, who am I – as an ITInfoSys.UK)

About ItInfoSys AdminI am a Person behind ITInfoSys.UK (Blog, Will be a Website in Future)

By Profession, I am an SEO Technical Analyst with 15+ Years of Experience.

I am managing 10+ different blogs about Technology and different niche. I started blogging as a part of my hobby. You know it was a crazy trend in seo’s to start a blog during 2007-2010.

After Google Update (Panda in 2011 and penguin update in 2012) to punish thin or poor content as well low quality and spam back links, the way of blogging was changed.

I got a massive success in my blogging career just because of The Google Panda Update and The Google penguin Update.

These 2 updates were back to back success steps for me and my real journey of blogging started from there.

Our History (In real, It’s Just My History)

Well, History is never a short term to explain. But it’s an art to explain history in a short word. As a Blogger, I am an Artist and will explain Our History (in real, it’s My History) in very short terms.

This is my Professional History.

  • 2009 – Started a job as a fresher, Link Builder
  • 2010 – Promoted to work on Dedicated Projects as a Link Builder
  • 2011 – Promoted to manage a website for All SEO and Off Page Activities
  • 2012 – Got a change to work as an SEO Team Leader
  • 2013 Till Today – Got a hike and Promoted designation of SEO Manager in One Of The Best IT Company.

Right Now, I work in IT Company. My Company Provides (Not my Own, I am Just an SEO Manager in this company) Software Development, Web Development, Amazon AWS, Automation Testing, Real Time Analytics, Hadoop, Big Data, QA Testing, Digital Healthcare, Digital Transformation, Cyber Security as a Services, Java, Python, and Dot Net application development services.

Our Story (It’s My Story)

There is always a story behind any one. I have too. But, Please wait, Right now, I am busy with few other tasks, so I could inform/update you about my story after some time.

You can follow us on Google NEWS and Twitter for Latest Updates.

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