Intel Evo Laptops: Features and Main Purpose, You Should Know

With its chips at the heart of laptops, Intel has made a significant effort over the years to improve portability, performance, and connectivity.

With the introduction of Project Athena in 2019, it has extended its laptop vetting system to include Intel Evo Certification.

There is no doubt that Intel’s Evo platform is an exciting game changer in the laptop market. This is because it offers higher benchmarks regarding micro-mobility, speed, and processing power.

Intel Evo Laptops: Features and Main Purpose

The upgraded components work together seamlessly in dozens of ways, making your computing experience easier at work and play.

What is the Purpose of Intel Evo Platform?

Purpose of Intel Evo Platform

The purpose of the EVO platform is to help Intel in the joint development and verification of notebook computers built upon the Athena Project 2.0 innovation.

It is designed to help users accomplish their essential tasks more efficiently. In addition, it is designed to provide users with a notebook computer that is convenient for mobile office use with performance and features.

As part of the Intel EVO platform, stringent certification standards have been established. Intel engineers have meticulously crafted this notebook computer for millions of hours to ensure it can handle tasks efficiently.

The Intel EVO platform cooperates with world-leading computer manufacturers to promote platform innovation. Therefore, the Intel EVO platform provides its users with a perfect experience.

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Intel EVO platform certification standards require notebook computers to meet the following specifications:

  • The laptops are equipped with Intel Core 11th generation processors, allowing them to respond more quickly and efficiently handle multi-tasking and heavy-duty tasks.
  • The laptops will be equipped with Intel Wi-Fi 6, allowing faster and more stable networking.
  • Featuring Thunderbolt 4, the laptops will provide a faster data transfer rate and a more reliable connection.
  • The laptop can be awakened within one second and used immediately with various methods such as keyboard/fingerprint/voice/face recognition.
  • When charged at 100%, a laptop with an FHD screen can have a battery life of more than nine hours.
  • The laptops with an FHD screen can have a battery life of four hours when charged for half an hour.
  • The flawless integration of the Intel Iris Xe graphics card and the Intel Core processor 11th generation enhances the graphics performance of notebook computers by 87%.
  • Laptops will be thinner and more fashionable, and mobile offices will be more convenient.

Features Of Intel Evo Laptops

#1. Performance-oriented

The Intel Evo laptop must meet high performance and power standards. In general, each Evo laptop should be equipped with a processor from the 11th generation of the Intel Core family.

It is even possible to purchase Evo laptops with Intel Core processors of the 12th generation. Your laptop performs even better thanks to the latest Intel processors.

An Intel Iris Xe Graphics shared video card and a powerful processor are also required.

Doing so lets you render your videos more rapidly than you would with a comparable shared video card. Moreover, Evo laptops are even faster to boot so you can use them immediately.

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#2. Designed to be used at work as well as on the go

An Intel Evo laptop is a smart choice for business use as well as for use on the go. The light weight of 1.5kg makes it easy to take to work.

Even 17-inch Evo models weigh no more than 1.5kg, significantly lighter than comparable 17-inch laptops.

Excellent battery life is also an essential feature of an Intel Evo laptop. An Intel Evo laptop with a Full HD screen lasts nine hours on a single charge, so you can wirelessly work throughout the day.

#3. Quick connections

For a laptop to receive the Intel Evo label, it must be able to transfer data quickly and provide fast internet access. For this reason, an Evo laptop must support both Thunderbolt 4 and Wi-FiWi-Fi 6.

Thunderbolt 4 transfers files much faster than Thunderbolt 3 or USB-A. Further, Wi-FiWi-Fi 6 provides a faster connection to the internet, allowing you to work even more efficiently.

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#4. High-quality communication

Using the latest Evo laptops, you can communicate in even higher quality. The laptops in this category are equipped with noise suppression. Therefore, your background noise will be less noticeable to the person on the other end of the line.

Additionally, the blurred background and focus on your face will make you appear even better on the screen. As a result, you will be able to make video calls of high quality, which will be beneficial if you do this frequently for work or school.

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With its excellent features and specifications, Intel Evo laptops offer a minimum level of quality in several vital areas.

With an emphasis on battery life, performance, connectivity, and security, these features are designed to deliver an efficient, high-performance laptop experience.

The intel evo laptop prices vary depending on the specific model and configuration. Regarding features, specifications, and brand, Intel Evo Platform laptops range from around $800 to over $2000.

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