The Best Remote Access Software For 2024

Remote access software allows you to control your computer or someone else's computer remotely. These are the best remote access software tools that we have tested.

You don’t have to be physically present for your computer to be used. Remote access software allows you to access everything on your computer from wherever you are.

You can access your computer anywhere, whether you need it to quickly check something or retrieve a file you have saved locally. You can access your entire desktop from any device, even another one.

This allows you to control your computer by sitting right in front of it. Remote access software allows you to take control of another person’s computer if they have any problems.

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Best Remote Access Software For 2024

Best Remote Access SoftwareRemote access can diagnose and fix computer problems, such as an application that won’t load or a driver that doesn’t work.

Remote access allows you to remotely control the computer to fix the problem or show another user how to do the same in the future.

Remote access software is not necessary for everyone. However, it is possible to troubleshoot another PC using Windows and Mac programs remotely. These programs are not designed to be used for remote access.

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This means you can access a computer from anywhere without being physically there. Remote access software shines when it is unattended.

It’s difficult to imagine life without remote access software once you get used to the ability to have full access to all your devices, no matter where they are.

We’ve compiled a list of the top five remote access providers we tested. Then, we provide detailed information on what to look for when considering one for your business or yourself.

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What is the best free remote access software?

free remote access softwareTeamViewer is our top choice for the best free remote access software. It is free to use for personal purposes and is not a scam. All the features are available to free users, just like commercial users.

TeamViewer offers the most convenient and cost-effective way to remotely support family members or friends. This free version is enforced through an AI that detects commercial usage.

Some users have had issues with the AI flagging legitimate personal usage as business-related. Usually, a quick email to customer service can get you back on track.

Zoho Assist is a limited-access, free version that allows one technician to access five computers. Although it doesn’t have the same features as TeamViewer, it is still the best free alternative you can use for work.

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Remote Access Software: Is It Safe to Use?

Once installed, remote access software gives you complete access to your device. This means that all your data can be accessed at your fingertips. This is convenient, but it comes with risks.

This list includes applications that use encryption. There’s no risk of your remote activities being intercepted. Security is a big part of the software. Use strong passwords and multifactor authentication to make it difficult for someone else to access your accounts.

Many apps require passwords to connect to certain devices, even after you sign in. This means someone would have to work hard to access your devices. If you are having trouble keeping track, set up a password manager.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that installing remote access software without permission from someone you don’t know is bad practice.

Scammers and hackers routinely steal financial information and use this software to access bank accounts. Unprompted calls from someone from tech support to diagnose a problem or something similar are a common way of falling for this scam.

Do not respond to tech support calls from major companies. They will never ask you to install this software. If you are concerned, you can always call the company again. Make sure to look up and call customer service, not the one that called you.

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What is the best remote access software for Windows?

All of the applications on this list work well on Windows. However, TeamViewer is my favourite choice. It is a feature-rich application that comes with a free version. This makes it difficult to match for most users.

TeamViewer’s business plans start at $418.80 per year, which is quite expensive for small businesses. RemotePC is a Windows alternative that I recommend.

What is the best remote access software for Mac?

Although most of the applications in this list run on macOS as well as Windows, at least one feature is often missing. Splashtop is a great example of this, with its Windows and macOS clients having great feature parity.

It’s the only app we tested that supports drag-and-drop file transfer between macOS and Windows. You can drag a file directly from Finder on a Mac to File Explorer on a Windows computer and watch it transfer.

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Cross-platform drag and dropping is a great feature for Mac users who need to connect with Windows devices. Splashtop’s main drawback is its lack of a home-based version.

TeamViewer is the best choice for Mac users who want a free tool. The macOS version is just as powerful as Splashtop but not as user-friendly.

What is the best remote access software for mobile devices?

Each application on this list can be accessed from a mobile device. Zoho Assist, however, is the best choice if you need remote access to mobile devices via a computer.

Zoho Assist, the only remote access app we tested, can access mobile devices. Android tablets and phones can be controlled completely from a computer.

This is great for diagnosing problems and allowing you to send text messages from your computer. Remote monitoring and control of an iPhone or iPad can be done from a computer. This could prove useful when troubleshooting a problem.

Zoho is an IT staff-only application. It will take some time to get it up and running. You’ll be able to access your mobile devices via a computer once you have done that.

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The Best Remote Access Software For 2023

#1. TeamViewer

Remote access support requires that the software be simple to download and configure. The person receiving remote access support may not have the technical skills.

If you are only interested in accessing certain machines, the software must be easy to sign in to securely and allow you to leave it running in the background.

TeamViewer offers the best remote control software on the market and does both very well. It is also compatible with multiple platforms and free for non-commercial use.

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#2. RemotePC

Remote access software allows users to control another computer from one computer. When it works well, it feels almost magical.

RemotePC by iDrive may not be the market’s most well-known remote access software, but it works as well as it could.

This application was new when I began reviewing apps in this category. However, it is more than capable of competing with better-known brands such as TeamViewer and LogMeIn.

It also costs a lot less at the business level. RemotePC is an appealing and affordable option for companies that require remote access software to support employees.

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#3. Splashtop Business Pro

Sometimes, all you need from software is an application that does the job. Splashtop, despite its name, focuses on remote access to computers with minimal hiccups. Remote access software serves two purposes.

Splashtop allows you to access your computer and one other person’s computer remotely. Splashtop has subscriptions available for both personal and business use.

While the subscription plans can be confusing at first, it is an extremely capable remote access program once it is set up and used.

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#4. Zoho Assist

Zoho, a Chennai-based company that makes remote access software, shouldn’t be surprising. The Chennai-based company makes almost every type of business app.

It’s amazing how Zoho Assist is different from other companies. Zoho Assist was designed with tech support at its forefront. It runs completely in the browser and has many bells and whistles.

Remote access applications can’t control Android or iOS devices. An assist is a great option because it offers a free version that can be used for personal use.

This application is designed for IT administrators and is therefore structured accordingly. This is not the place to start for beginners.

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#5. VNC Connect

VNC Connect can be difficult to understand. You will need to use the letter VNC quite a bit to do so. Virtual Network Computing is an open-source protocol that allows remote control of computers.

VNC Connect is remote access software that can access cloud services offered by RealVNC. VNC Connect requires the RealVNC Viewer and RealVNC Server apps.

It cannot be very clear. VNC Connect is a good remote access application, but it can be cumbersome to set up.

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