The Best UK Startups for Digital nomads to beat Brexit

What are the Best UK startups for digital nomads to beat Brexit?

EU without a work visa. We’ve collected a handful of UK companies working to make a living abroad more convenient for their workers.

Many of these employees are British citizens who can only spend a maximum of ninety days during any 180 days within Europe.

It’s crucial to understand that many businesses operate remotely or completely remote, yet employees are typically required to work remotely from their homes and therefore aren’t entirely mobile.

The Best UK Startups for Digital nomads

Beat Brexit

#1. YuLife: The online life insurance company

Technology equipment. YuLife operates an office located in London However, it allows workers to be able to work at any location either in the UK or overseas and without restrictions.

It is asynchronous and offers flexible hours of operation, which means employees can choose their working hours.

YuLife also provides those who prefer working from home with a reasonable cost (dependent on the specific requirements) to purchase office furnishings, equipment and supplies.

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#2. The catalogue is an online work hub

Catalogue, which comprises team members across five continents, permits employees to work 100 100% remotely in their home countries if they want to.

UK employees who wish to work abroad can pay 180 working days per year. Once that is reached, the tax status of employees alters, and they’ll be required to pay tax in the country they are temporarily living in.

It could also affect the quality of visas for employees from abroad who are on UK Working visas. The catalogue follows a case-by-case approach for those wanting to become a full-time digital nomads and travel and work for as long as they wish.

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#3. Heroes: Amazon aggregator

Heroes allow employees to work from any location for up to 180 days a year. The rest, all year long, can work from any place within their country of residence. However, Heroes has office locations in London, Manchester, Madrid, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Rome, Milan and Berlin for those wishing to meet with their colleagues in person.

#4. Zopa: P2P money lending service

Zopa allows employees to be employed for up to 120 consecutive days without affecting their pay.

The company offers employees suggestions for thirteen “fuss-free” locations across Europe, North America and Asia with no tax consequences.

Ten per cent of Zopa’s more than 500 employees benefited from this perk in its first 65 days after its debut in May.

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#5. Flipdish is a food ordering platform

Flipdish is entirely accessible, but it offers offices (that are pet-friendly!) located in Dublin, New York, London and Paris.

Employees can work from if they wish to. They also allow staff to perform at any location worldwide for up to 90 working days each year.

The company has flexible working hours so that employees can pick their schedules. Team meetings are usually held between 10 am and 4 pm UK time.

#6. Flexa: Flexible job search engine

Flexa is a remote-first company. Flexa lets employees work from an overseas location for 45 to 60 days each year, possibly putting this chunk of time on annual leave if they wish to work longer. However, it also has an office in London for employees to utilize should they want to.

Additional benefits

Flexa will pay for expenses for accommodation and travel if team members reside in other areas than London. Each month, employees meet in London on Thursdays in an office space where they go on a pub excursion.

Flexa operates during the core hours of 11 am-3 pm UK time. Outside, employees can start and end anytime they like to work around the local time zones.

#7. Paddle: A payment solution for SaaS startups

The company has flexible hours. Paddle lets employees work from any location for six weeks a year, with the added advantage of PS250 in Airbnb credits to offset the costs of doing this.

Employees can pick which days and times they work and are provided with a per-hour allowance to work remotely for office stationary and supplies.

#8. Juro: Software for contract automation

Juro defines its procedure in terms of “choice first”. The company has offices in London and Riga; however, it gives each employee the freedom to choose in the event they need to arrive.

Hotdesks for team members to ensure that remote employees who visit work are treated as part of the same team as frequent office-goers. Fifty-four per cent of Juro’s UK remote workers work from any city and country.

Juro’s company does not restrict locations where employees work unless absolutely. Juro also supports employees to move based on the employee’s position within the company, the length of time they’ve been working there, and if the employee relocates closer to the office of their choice.

  • Concerning advantages, Juro has different benefits packages for office-based and remote employees.
  • Remote workers can get the option of a budget for their internet access and home office equipment costs.
  • The majority of office workers receive assistance in the form of commuting expenses and can attend social events.
  • Omnipresent -helps businesses to hire, pay, and maintain remote teams remotely.

Omnipresent allows its employees to work from anywhere worldwide (with specific exclusions) and employs 400 employees across 53 countries. Ubiquitous assists employees in relocating, compliance, payroll, and benefits.

#9. AltoVita Corporate Accommodation platform

Altova offers a remote workforce, which allows the 30-person crew to operate from any location in the world, as long as it’s located in an eastern European or an eastern US clock zone.

This gives employees the freedom to work from home while working alongside their colleagues. For instance, Altovita’s Vice President of Marketing is located within The Eastern US, so the company is currently recruiting for marketing positions within the Eastern US or Western European timezone to guarantee better communication between the group.

Altova gives employees a tech budget for the purchase of equipment to work from any location -and also holds an offsite in-person every two quarters, allowing team members to get to know each other better.

Offsites for companies typically take place in London; however, they could take place anyplace in the world soon. Don’t Forget to Follow Us on Twitter for more updates.

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