Applications of AI as a service in different sectors

AI innovations can help your business soar. AI as a service can change the game in fields like energy, manufacturing, and telecommunications.

AI as a service improves performance in areas like entertainment, real estate, and transportation. AI as a service is the future of industry change. It has huge benefits for areas like shopping, transportation, and telecom.

Artificial intelligence is basically a combination of multiple disciplines of computer science that enables us to develop algorithms, build software, and build hardware that can be used for workflow automation, improving user experience, accuracy, and efficiency at work in cost-effective ways.

Machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, robotics, expert systems, and AI planning are key components of artificial intelligence.

In this blog, we will explore the meaning of AI as a service, understand key components of the architecture of AI as a service, and explore applications of AI as a service in different sectors.

What does “AI as a service” mean?

AI as a service is a professional engineering service where Artificial Intelligence Company provides robust, scalable, and cost-effective solutions for business transformation and innovation by automating repetitive tasks and streamlining business processes with the implementation of artificial intelligence in business.

AI as a service

The main purpose of AI implementation is to reduce the dependency on manpower, reduce the cost of the project, and improve efficiency and accuracy in production or at the workstation.

Understanding Key components of architecture of AI as service

The key components can be classified into AI infrastructure, AI tools, and AI services. AI infrastructure includes AI data, AI compute, and AI tools.

AI data can be stored in the form of an Azure Data Lake, a relational database management system, or a NoSQL database. The AI computation is done with the help of virtual machines, server-less computing, and batch processing.

AI services include cognitive computing, custom computing, and conversational AI.

There are many AI tools that are used for specific purposes, like AIwizards (IBM Watson AutoAI, Google Cloud AutoML, and Driverless AI), IDEs (Jupyter Notebook/JupyterLab, PyCharm, RStudio, and Visual Studio Code), data preparation tools (Panda, DataRobot, OpenRefine, etc.), and AI frameworks (Tensor Flow, PyTorch, and Scikit).

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Five Examples of AI as services in different sectors

AI as a service is changing fields like education, energy, and agriculture with improved technology and decision-making. This will lead to a paradigm shift in output.

#1. AI as service in the health sector

Artificial intelligence can be applied in the healthcare sector for medical image analysis, the development of personalized healthcare chatbots that provide real-time chat support to patients for taking medicine on time, monitoring their health condition, and helping them book appointments in times of emergency.

The effective use of artificial intelligence can revolutionize drug detection and discovery processes.

Neural networks, facial recognitions, and brain mapping techniques can be used for analyzing the impact of consuming a specific drug to find any harmful effects on the body.

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#2. AI as service in finance sectors

Financial firms and trading companies have to show the real-time big data of companies worldwide so that companies can get a chance to invest, trade, and manage their financial portfolio online.

These processes can be complicated if they have to collect data from different data sources and deal with big data.

In such a scenario, AI as a service can be used efficiently for data extraction, data processing, and data analysis using AI data extraction tools, AI data processing tools, and AI data analytics tools, respectively.

#3. AI as service in retail industry

By effectively implementing AI as a service in the retail industry, we can improve product recommendations after analyzing the purchasing history to provide a personalized experience to customers.

AI as a service can also be used in inventory and stock management, where we can check whether a specific product is out of stock or in stock.

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#4. AI as service in manufacturing industry

Application of AI as a service in the manufacturing industry can help us automate quality control by finding product defects, manufacturing errors, and packaging as per standard quality control parameters.

It helps in making bigger and more complex calculations and computations in quick time, thereby helping business owners make informed business decisions.

#5. AI as service in the transport sector

Transportation in developed cities can be seamlessly automated with the help of self-automated cars.

We can analyze the road defects using satellite cameras and GPS tracking and help road construction workers immediately resolve road issues to enhance road safety.

The road routes can be optimized so that passengers do not have to waste a huge amount of time at traffic lights.

To sum up, we can say that with the evolution of artificial intelligence as a service, we can apply it in an even more complicated line of business with excellent reliability, assurance, and peace of mind. However, to ensure that AI as a service is implemented in business, we must partner with a reputed AI as a service provider company.

For this, we must check their credibility in artificial intelligence, the expertise of their development team, the AI tools and frameworks they use, and the cost-effective solutions they provide before we opt in for AI as a service partner.

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