The Top Three Benefits of Learning Cloud Security Skills

Explore the world of cloud security to find endless options. Find out what mastering cloud security skills can do for your career and company.

It would help if you adapted to the shifting nature of cyber threats. Learn about the benefits of developing your cloud security abilities to protect data and increase your marketability.

Cloud security involves the blending of processes, people, and technologies that are required to safeguard cloud computing systems from data breaches and cyberattacks.

With more companies using cloud computing than ever before and the number of malicious cyber-attackers growing, These two trends have come together and made cloud security one of the most popular IT trends of 2023.

According to a Skillsoft report, Cloud Security was the most sought-after technical skill in 2022. (Skillsoft 2022). In order to effectively handle cloud computing security concerns, businesses must either hire or train their employees to become certified cloud security specialists.

Top 3 Benefits of Learning Cloud Security Skills

What is the reason IT professionals think about learning cloud security techniques? This article will highlight the top three benefits that cloud security training can bring for 2023 and beyond.

Benefits of Learning Cloud Security Skills

#1. Earn More as a Cybersecurity Professional

The newest IT certifications could provide a significant boost in wages for workers, according to research conducted by the company that trains Global Knowledge.

IT professionals who reported that they had an increase because of new certifications had an average rise of $12,000 as opposed to the standard rise of $5,000 (Kolakowski, N., 2020).

Being a certified cloud security specialist grants an opportunity for new jobs (both internally and externally) and a rise in salary. reports that the median U.S. salary for jobs that require cloud security expertise is $178,053 (, 2023).

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Learning about cloud security through formal education certifications or work experiences–is a fantastic method to boost your resume, improve your standing when it comes to negotiations over salary and also make you more attractive to prospective employers.

Some cybersecurity specialists are specialized in a particular cloud service (such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure). Others opt for an approach that is vendor-neutral and works well with multi-cloud and hybrid environments.

By learning cloud security techniques, cybersecurity professionals can significantly improve their effectiveness, gaining from their education to implement the best practices in cloud security.

Starting from Linux, Python, and Kubernetes to authorization and authentication, an accredited cloud security expert has the experience and Knowledge required to safeguard cloud systems from cyberattacks.

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#2. Get more job opportunities in Cybersecurity

When you become a cloud security expert certified, You are not just growing your income potential but also substantially expanding the amount of available employment opportunities.

Professionals who are able to implement cloud security techniques successfully are among the most sought-after workers in the known “IT skill gap.”

The demand for cloud security expertise has never been greater for both employees and companies that employ the experts.

A lot of IT professionals are responding to this need by showing interest in improving their expertise. According to a survey in 2022 by Pluralsight, Cybersecurity, as well as cloud computing, are the most demanded IT professionals’ skills.

A majority of tech professionals believe that Cybersecurity is their biggest IT expertise concern, while 39% of them are looking to improve their skills regarding cloud computing (Pluralsight, 2022).

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#3. Do not Be Obsolete if You Avoid It

The field of technology for information is always evolving as new developments keep emerging and disappearing.

Nevertheless, only a handful of these advancements are able to stand the test of time and show their value as an essential element of IT in the enterprise.

Cloud computing is an example of such advancement that has gone from just a new technology to the best practice for businesses across all industries and sizes.

Based on Flexera’s”2021 “State of Cloud” report, nearly 99 per cent of companies have at least one cloud that is either cloud, whether private or public. Additionally, a significant majority of these use an even more complicated setup like a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud, which requires more care for cloud security (Flexera, 2021).

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It’s no surprise to learn that the cloud has risen to outpace on-premises IT due to its numerous advantages. One of the advantages is that it is usually more affordable because of its transparency “pay as you pay as you go” pricing structure, as opposed to the requirement to make huge upfront payments for on-premises computing.

The cloud also provides advantages in regards to scalability and flexibility, letting users quickly spin instances, play around with innovative ideas, and expand their consumption of resources as they need.

Cloud providers provide service level contracts (SLAs), which guarantee certain percentages of availability and uptime. They also take on the responsibility of maintenance and support problems.

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However, cloud computing has the same set of issues that could pose security issues. According to a study conducted by Venafi, 51 per cent of IT decision-makers believe that the security risks associated with cloud computing are more severe than those associated with the on-premises system (Boose, S., 2022).

Cloud security is the combination of an established enterprise IT method with a major threat to the integrity of companies. This means that the area in cloud security without doubt going to be around for an extended period of time.


From increasing your earnings and job prospects to remaining current in your industry, acquiring cloud security techniques by 2023 is a fantastic method to grow your career.

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