10 Best Online Cybersecurity Training Courses

Many online cybersecurity training Courses are available for students. We have selected The Best Online CyberSecurity Courses for the right training and career in cybersecurity.

It would be best if you were prepared for any security incident, mainly as cyberattacks increasingly target small businesses. An online cybersecurity training course is the best way.

We will be discussing various options for cybersecurity training in this article. Cybersecurity training teaches individuals how to use a company’s networks, servers, and other IT infrastructure components safely to reduce security risks.

This training also teaches individuals how to share and save confidential data to lower the risk of data breaches. Training in cybersecurity helps to take the appropriate security precautions to minimize any security incident.

Best Online Cybersecurity Training Courses

Why Cybersecurity Training is essential for your business

Your employees will be able to respond to ransomware attacks and social engineering attacks with in-depth cybersecurity training.

  • Security training can help your employees reduce or mitigate risks that could lead to data breaches.
  • Cybersecurity training can help customers trust your company as they become more aware of cyberattacks.
  • Your cybersecurity team will benefit from regular training to keep abreast of the most recent threats and security precautions to reduce them.
  • Training in cybersecurity is vital for regulatory compliance.

Even though you may have security personnel on staff to address cybersecurity issues, it is essential to train your employees in cybersecurity awareness training to ensure that confidential information and IT infrastructure are protected.

How To choose The Best Cybersecurity Training Courses

Cybersecurity Training CoursesMany cybersecurity training options are available for professionals and students, both online and in person. These tips will help guide you in choosing the right training course.

  • Determine the preferred mode of training: online, in person or both
  • Review the course curriculum to ensure that your chosen course is focused on practice.
  • Choose the cybersecurity course that best suits your needs
  • Choose a system with up-to-date content

It would be helpful to first consider your needs when choosing the right training program. Then, start looking at different cybersecurity training options.

You don’t have to spend money to receive cybersecurity awareness training. Many organizations offer cybersecurity awareness training at no cost. Completing free courses can help you build a foundation for your future learning.

10 Best Online Cyber Security Courses for Beginners

These are the top ten ways to learn cybersecurity skills:

#1. Cybrary

Cybrary provides solutions for small businesses to equip them and their employees to secure and mitigate cyber threats. Cybrary provides scenario-based training to help individuals and teams improve their cybersecurity skills.

#2. SANS Institute

SANS Institute is a top platform offering cybersecurity research, training, and certifications for security professionals.

SANS Institute provides diploma and degree programs that will prepare you to face the current challenges facing businesses.

The company’s cybersecurity courses include cybersecurity leadership, cloud security, cyber defense, and industrial control systems.

SANS cyber range challenges will allow you to use your skills and gain real-world experience. You can also attend live training sessions or training events.

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#3. EC-Council University

EC-Council University offers affordable online cybersecurity degrees. It provides cybersecurity courses online for undergraduates and graduate students.

The Knowledge Review Magazine named the university one of America’s 20 most valuable online colleges.

#4. CISSP Training Bootcamp

Infosec Certified Information Systems Security Professional Training Bootcamp is a sure way to earn your CISSP certification.

Some highlights from the CISSP Training Bootcamp include, but are not limited to:

  • Exams pass guarantee
  • Unlimited exam practice tests
  • Annual Infosec Skills subscription for free ($299 value).
  • Six days of expert CISSP instruction

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#5. SecurityTube.net

SecurityTube.net is an infosec video aggregator that offers a wealth of video content to enhance your security knowledge.

You can browse and view videos on different information security topics to increase your cybersecurity awareness.

#6. ISC(2)

ISC(2) is a world-recognized organization that offers a variety of training programs for those who wish to earn its prestigious certificates.

  • Certificate in Cybersecurity
  • Systems Security Certified Practitioner
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional
  • CISSP Concentrations

This certification course is highly sought-after by those interested in a career as a cybersecurity professional.

#7. CompTIA

The Computing Technology Industry Association is a global authority on information technology. The CertMaster LearnTM for Security+ contains rich resources.

It includes 40 hours of engaging content and 16 lessons with interactive performance-based questions, 160 practice questions that provide immediate feedback, and rich resources such as CertMaster LearnTM.

This self-paced course will prepare you to receive the industry-leading CompTIA Security+ certification.

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#8. Cisco

Cisco is a trusted name in cybersecurity training for information security professionals. Cisco Digital Learning subscriptions give you access to the following products and certification courses:

  • CyberOps Associate
  • CyberOps Professional
  • CCNP Security Core and Concentration Exams

#9. Microsoft Cybersecurity Course

The Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect Certificate means that you can:

  • Architecture and strategy for Zero Trust
  • Assess Governance Risk Compliance (GRC), technical and security strategies
  • Security for Infrastructure
  • A method for data and apps
  • To prepare for the exam, the company offers free online training.

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#10. Udemy

Udemy is an excellent place to find low-cost cybersecurity courses to protect systems, increase network security, protect data, and mitigate cyber threats. Udemy cybersecurity courses can be completed at your own pace.

These courses are designed to help anyone interested in becoming a cybersecurity analyst, even those with little experience.

FAQs about Cybersecurity and Training

Employees cannot identify cyber-attacks quickly if they don't have cybersecurity training. You can find free and paid cybersecurity training courses that will help you train your employees to recognize ransomware attacks and other attacks.
Follow cybersecurity experts, attend live events, check vulnerability and risk advisory feeds and listen to podcasts to keep your career on the right track.
For cybersecurity training, there are no prerequisites. A bachelor's degree is not required to learn cybersecurity concepts.
You can find cyber security training courses online for free. SANS Institute, Coursera and edX provide free cybersecurity training.
Software programs are available to help employees with cyber security awareness. InfosecIQ, Hoxhunt and KnowBe4 are some of the most popular software programs.
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