Month: September 2022

  • CybersecuritySafeguard your Family's Information

    Top 10 Hacks to Safeguard your Family’s Information

    Cyberattacks don’t just happen to large corporations. Small-scale businesses, groups, and charities must protect their IT systems. The security of your online information has always been a top priority; however, as we spend increasingly online, whether for work or play and social interactions, We’re more vulnerable to dangers. But there are ways to protect your personal information, and most of them…

  • ArticlesImprove Patient Experiences

    How To Improve Patient Experiences Using RPA, AI And Digital Workflows

    The healthcare sector is battling increasing operating costs and an ever-growing number of patients, creating the urgent requirement to provide an excellent patient experience and abide by strict regulations. With the influx of data and a multitude of manual, repetitive processes that require accuracy, automation of operations could be precisely the thing to do for this sector. Following the example of…

  • ArticlesDigital Transformation Process

    6 Tips For Digital Transformation Process on the right track

    Is your digital transformation initiative lagging? Use these suggestions from experts to get it back on track. Digital transformations are ongoing and continuous – you’re likely experiencing any phase while reading this. In the pre-pandemic period, numerous modifications took place at a steady, relaxed pace. Then COVID placed them on the speedy path. If the digital transformation process seems slower than…

  • CybersecurityRetail Store Security

    5 Reasons: Retail Stores more vulnerable than ever to Cybercrime

    When we think of Cybercrime and retail, the focus on websites that have been targeted is regular. Over the last year, there has been a dramatic increase in cyberattacks against online retailers. However, Dakota Murphey explains why store managers and owners must guard their physical establishments against cyber attacks. The SonicWall Biannual Report revealed that eCommerce and online retail companies saw…

  • CybersecurityOnline Cybersecurity Training

    10 Best Online Cybersecurity Training Courses

    It would be best if you were prepared for any security incident, mainly as cyberattacks increasingly target small businesses. An online cybersecurity training course is the best way. We will be discussing various options for cybersecurity training in this article. Cybersecurity training teaches individuals how to use a company’s networks, servers, and other IT infrastructure components safely to reduce security risks.…

  • CybersecurityHow to Apply Cybersecurity

    How to Apply Cybersecurity to Enterprise Security

    Chief security officers (CSOs) too often view their roles through two lenses: cybersecurity and physical security. Policies and programs for physical security systems differ significantly from those for cybersecurity. CSOs know that cyber breaches can be prevented by protecting assets and facilities. However, this logic works in reverse. IBM recently conducted a study that showed that cyber breaches cost more than…

  • CybersecurityHybrid Cloud Security

    3 Hybrid Cloud Security Challenges & Solutions to Lower Cybersecurity Risk

    The rapid shift to the cloud resulted from necessity because of the increase in remote workers and changing customer needs that demand more agility for the business. According to Forrester, 94 percent of US enterprise infrastructure decision-makers utilize at least one cloud-based deployment model. While there is a trend for cloud-native systems, in reality, many enterprises will continue to keep the…

  • Cybersecuritycyber security attack

    8 Best Ways To Avoid a Cyber Security Attack

    Issues with culture and systems could cause your business to be at risk. Many business leaders believe cybersecurity is a challenge that can be resolved by investing enough funds and recruiting the right personnel with the appropriate technical skills to keep them from the media spotlight. A lot of the time, systemic and cultural problems between IT and non-IT executives, not…

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